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Filoxenia Hotel Kalamata


Filoxenia hotel is located in Kalamata beach in Messinia Gulf and offers luxury hotel accommodation in Southern Peloponnese. Kalamata is located in southern Greece, on the Peloponnese. Built in the heart of the Messenian gulf near the ancient city of Farai mentioned by Homer, the land of "kalamatianos" traditional dance and the silk kerchief; of succulent dark olives and honey eyed figs.
Today, Kalamata makes important exports of local products such as raisins, olives and olive oil. There are numerous historical and cultural sights to see in Kalamata, such as the Ville-hardouin castle, the Ipapandis (Purification of the Virgin) Byzantine church, the Church of Saint Apostoloi, the Kalograion Monastery with its famous silk-weaving workshop where the beautiful Kalamata scarves are made, and the municipal railway park. It is also worth seeing the art collections housed at the Municipal Gallery, the Benaki Archaeological Museum and the Folk Art Museum.

Messinia  is bounded on the east by Mount Taygetus, on the north by the river Neda and the Arcadian Mountains, and on the west and south by the Mediterranean Sea, more specifically on the west by the Ionian Sea, and on the south by the Gulf of Messenia.

The plain is bounded on the north by Mt. Nomia (mod. Tetrasi, 1,800 m, 5210 ft.) and other mountains, on the west by the mountains of Cyparissia (1,550 m, 4000 ft.) the southern continuation of which forms the peninsula of the Morea, attaining its greatest height in Mt. Mathia (mod. Lykódimo about 950 m, 3160 ft.), its current tallest point is Taygetos located to the east. Off the south coast of this peninsula lie the three Oenussae islands and the islet of Theganussa (Venetikó). About less than half of the population live within GR-7, in places from Allagi to south of Kalamata, along with the plain as the Kalamata-Messene metropolitan area, Peloponnese's third largest metropolitan city. Kalamata has an airport 5 km west of Kalamata. A harbor and port named from this city is not far from the downtown, originally connected with train tracks. It is one of the largest waterfronts in the peninsula.

Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia was the birthplace of the Olympic Games in classical times.  The games were held every four years and date back possibly further than 776 BC. The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia had been buried under river silt until it was re-discovered in 1766.  German archaeologist Ernst Curtius started the excavations in 1829 when a great number of treasures were unearthed including the exquisite statue of Hermes that was placed in the Temple of Hera. Start your visit from the Olympic Games Museum, where you can learn about the history of the Games.

Among the many astonishing exhibits of the new Museum, are the statue of Hermes sculptured by Praxiteles and the “Nike” of Paionios, as well as many beautiful bronze ornaments and items from the temples. A walkway leads from the Museum to the archaeological site.







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A valid passport (and in some cases, a visa) is required to enter Greece. Please check with your local embassy or high commission for further information. Greece is a member of the EU (European Union).

All major credit cards are accepted and international bankcards work in most ATM machines. Nearest bank 
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The voltage throughout the Resort is 220V/50Hz with a special 110/120V electric shaver outlet in each bathroom.

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Greek law prohibits animals in the hotel with the exception of guide dogs.

Filoxenia Hotel

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